What we do

The goal of the FiiT for Life is to improve the quality of exercise prescription for specialist populations.  

How we do that:

FiiT for Life Programme (Charity): The aim is to enable those on the programme to become fitter, stronger and increase their quality of life whilst decreasing the physical and mental effects of treatment. For those at risk of chronic disease, the goal is to reduce their risk and avoid medical intervention or a cancer diagnosis. In turn by addressing these physical aspects it is hoped individuals will have a better quality of life through enhanced emotional functioning. The free programme includes physical activity sessions, workshops and associated healthy life strategies.


FiiT for Life Education: Our aim is to enable coaches to feel confident and assured to deliver functional fitness classes that are safe, appropriate and effective for populations with chronic disease such as Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pulmonary Conditions etc. Using the CrossFit methodology we aim to upskill coaches with the knowledge to help these individuals become fitter, stronger and healthier.  We are currently working towards CIMSPA accreditation and becoming a CrossFit Preferred Course.

FiiT (Females in it Together): This is where it all started, we recognised that women who do CrossFit LOVE stash, so we designed some. We started with squat proof leggings,  to raise money for our boxes FiiT programme, now we have over 30 different lines, and so many colours!!. The Females in it Together clothing line has raised over £15’000 for the FiiT programme and we now have an affiliate programme  where boxes can create their own funding stream directly from sales on our website. 


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