About the Team:


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Dr Athalie Redwood-Mills

Athalie is a University Lecturer who specialises in physical activity for specialist populations. Her work in this area helps to drive the FiiT for life programme, helping those with chronic diseases or at risk of diagnosis to improve their quality of life through functional physical activity. Athalie has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and is a Level 4 exercise specialist tutor.​


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Dr Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer is a Senior University Lecturer who currently teaches on the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation and Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation programmes.  She has over 10 years' experience in the Sport and Exercise industry working as a Sports Therapist and Coach. This has enabled her to work with a variety of individuals and teams including young athletes on a Long Term Athlete Development (LATD) programme. 


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Dr Grant Ralston

Grant has a diverse skill-set relative to sports coaching, exercise science and the health and fitness industry. He has been involved in exercise for specialist population fo over 20 years and has been employed in adult education for over 14-years. He has also published several academic papers on the manipulation of resistance training variables has towards muscular strength development.