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Why should we be in it together?

One of the driving motivations behind Females in it Together is to get more females together. We realised that community is what builds confidence and have heard so many great stories about females who have had life-changing experiences from being part of a fitness community.

At the time of writing, we are currently on lockdown. Maintaining relationships with a fitness community can be difficult but we have been inspired by the stories and videos of people coming together in such trying times. It seems like nothing will break community spirit, even if we can't leave the house.

Importantly, now is the time to reach out to that person you haven't heard from in a while, or to check in on that friend who has been unusually quiet. Community might be prevailing on zoom and facebook live but it's also clear that the people who normally thrive off social interaction are becoming worn out by lockdown. Within our team of coaches, we have been reaching out to those who have been unusually quiet, and checking in by using small but meaningful challenges. We have prompted other community members to interact more frequently and to invest into trying new skills and habits (e.g. keeping steps above 10,000). If you have any ideas or stories, we would love to hear how you have managed your community. You can reach out to us on social media (IG: @females_ii_together / FB: @FemalesinitTogether). Share your videos/photos and tell us how you are staying healthy!

Stay healthy, stay strong

the FiiT Team x

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