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OK, so we're sorry for the cheesy title but we wanted our blog posts to reflect a little bit of who we are (and unfortunately one our best qualities is creating pun-based titles). And as this post is about confidence, we are doing our best, despite our fears, to write a blog we hope you will resonate with, and perhaps one that will encourage you to find a new challenge (or conquer one you've been at for a while).

Over the last 18 months, we have spoken with so many different female groups about barriers to physical activity/exercise/etc. Confidence always stands out in conversation but further prompting very rarely reveals much more. So we know it's an issue but we don't know why?

Collectively, we have worked in the commercial fitness industry, and professional sport for a long time so have seen many fads and crazes, and we've even tried some too. What stands out most to us is that when you look back, females really have not had the best support particularly when it comes to commercial fitness. For example, females said they lacked confidence, we got 'female only' rooms in gyms rather than the necessary support and education to exercise better (there's also details about gym etiquette that we won't get into). Instead of us allowing to maintain strength, and stay stronger for longer, we were told that lifting weights would make us bulky, or that females shouldn't lift weights. What we DID get was machines that made it difficult to make eye contact with anyone else whilst you squeezed foam pads between your thighs.

This has created a world of fitness myths that will take some time to undo.

The one benefit of all the above, is that it has driven a growing generation of females to push back and put themselves on par with their male counterparts without getting 'too bulky' and they haven't just focused on a dress size. We are growing a community of these females who have inspired, and have been inspired by others. And they aren't all twenty year olds who grew up playing every sport in the P.E. curriculum. They are nannies, mums, teens, size 8's, size 18's and most of the time, they are complete novices when they start with us. They have gone on to run their first 10k, climb mountains, swim open water and even do their first pull-up! And we are very proud!!!

How did they do this? They found a community of females who picked them up, helped them find their strength and told them to go do the thing.

They had conFiiTdence!

It's time to stand ladies. Want to find your conFiiTdence? Get in touch!!

Females in it Together x

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