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Coach spotlight: Aimee

The pandemic

Being a student during the pandemic was tough, but there were a lot of people in a much harder predicament than myself. I don’t know about you, but I felt like I was living in a weird dream. Lockdown meant that a lot of people lost their support network. This must have been particularly hard

for those living with an underlying health condition, something I didn’t even consider whilst I sat in my house, struggling to find the motivation to train in my kitchen again.

Exercise provides a support network

Since starting this placement year, I have been able to coach many incredible people, with a variety of chronic diseases. The majority just need some help and structure and honestly who can say at some point they haven’t needed guidance? In the FiiT for Life Programme we help people to make sustainable changes and offer a support system when they need it. It’s not just us as coaches that help either, just being around people in a system, I watch connections and friendships develop in each class as they boost each other up.

I participated in sport from a young age, it’s always been something I’ve found fun and so I’ve not had to think about making myself exercise. Sometimes it would be a way to meet up with friends. For a lot of adults this is not the case, even if they used to exercise when they were younger. As we get older more and more barriers to exercise arise; work demands, family life, illness and even injury. This often leads to inactivity, and it can then be difficult to fit exercise back into a busy routine.

I think that as humans we limit our own potential a lot, we give into not only what we think other people expect of us, but also what we expect of ourselves. The phrase “undersell and over-perform” comes to mind, and therefore, we’re all terrified to try new things in case we fail. During the FiiT for Life programme, my job is to take that away from someone, I make the decision about the exercise and format, and because of that, they don’t think to question it. I often hear people say that "they’ve never done that before", or "I didn’t think I would ever be able to do something like that" having just done something they believed to be unachievable. This just proves that we are all capable, we only need the right environment and to believe in ourselves a bit more.

The bottom line is that exercise is about health, community and challenging yourself and being proud of when you have achieved something new. I get to help people reach that feeling and its pretty amazing.


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