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Changing the landscape of women's health and fitness

Females in it Together seeks to improve the lives of women by empowering them to reach their potential through increased health, wellness, and physical fitness. 
Our aim is to help women access facilities and support across a variety of gyms and fitness establishments by improving the user experience in these areas.
We seek to inspire confidence in women to take control of their lives by helping them to build positive relationships with their physical selves.

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We are here. We are strong.

Females in it Together is the name we give to the growing community of women in the UK and around the world who are embracing their strength and physical toughness through functional fitness, weightlifting, and sport.

Our mission is to help change the landscape of women’s health and fitness in the UK by encouraging gyms, coaches and the women themselves to develop confidence, resilience and strength through physical activity.

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I'd like to say, while enjoying the competition and supporting our friend, I bought a pair of leggings for both my daughter and myself. They feel so rich and super comfortable. Wore them for our wod this morning. The waistband didn't slip once. Supportive without being restrictive. If you're on the fence about buying a pair, DON'T! They're fantastic...Now, to buy some more




Whether you are a new mum, a mum with toddlers, or a mum with kids at University you are a MUM. We can help you get back your fitness, health and more importantly your confidence post children (no matter how long its been or where you start from).

We offer 1-1 and small group sessions tailored to your needs in a safe and supportive environment. And the best bit - you can bring the kids - no matter what age.



As we age so does our risk of illness related to inactivity. Have you ever wanted to feel fitter, healthier or just to feel a bit happier about your body? We aren't interested in beasting you into a size 10, but showing you just what your body can do. No matter what you shape, size or background - we can help. All you need is a "give it try" attitude.  We will do the rest.

We offer 1-1 and small group sessions based on your current abilities and needs. You can come and watch you can come and chat, but the important thing is you come. All you have to do is walk through the door.

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Sick of trying to "be" something or "look" like someone. We don't care - we care about what your body can do. Have you ever wished you were stronger, more powerful, more confident  to deal with life? Then this is the place for you.

Come and train with your mates, with your mum, your sister? Workout whilst having a laugh. Out functional training facility means its basically a big kids play room. Start learning what you are capable of. Being strong is the new skinny.



Has a DR or health professional told you to lose weight or get more active but you have no idea where to start? Don't worry - you have found us. We are here and we can help.

No matter the whys or whats - we have a team of professionals with many years experience of working with a host of conditions. Don't shy away - if you are reading this - you are half way there - call, message - we WILL help.


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