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What is the FiiT for Life Programme?

The FiiT for Life programme is a registered charity (1193408). Our aim is to provide a health  and wellness programme for those at risk of, or undergoing treatment for, chronic disease and illness. Our team of coaches work with each individual to provide meaningful lifestyle changes to encourage greater physical longevity and wellbeing. With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, our coaches understand that long term change is unique so we want to get to know each individual to help them make the right choices. The programme also offers small community-based sessions to help participants establish local community support without losing attention on the individual journey. 

You can help the programme by donating OR take a look at our Females in it Together (FiiT shop) and grab yourself some fab new gym gear (all profits go towards running our programmes). 


The FiiT for Life Referral Pathway
(for chronic disease and long-term illness)

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 Our referral pathway is for those with chronic disease and long-term illness. The aims of the referral programme are to encourage meaningful activity changes and to educate patients on how to make the right choices for their health. It is a funded pathway specifically for those who need to make lasting lifestyle changes to facilitate, or support recovery from long term illness.   


The programme lasts for up to 12 weeks and we consider it to be a transitional pathway programme to other physical activity choices. In other words, once a patient has completed the programme with us, we will actively help them find their next step within the local area.

Who is eligible for referral?

In order to receive a funded, or part-funded place on our programme, patients must be:

• Inactive (less than 30 minutes of moderate physically activity per week) and;

• Aged 19 years and over

• Committed to making a long-term lifestyle change

• Clients must be clinically stable and compliant with their medication

• A Derbyshire resident

• Have an existing health condition, recovering from an operation or demonstrate other risk factors for disease (as set out below)

Existing health conditions for referral into the scheme:

• Alcohol/drug rehabilitation

• Hypertension

• Cancer

• Joint/mobility/musculoskeletal problem

• Cardiovascular disease

• Completion of cardiac rehabilitation

• Neurological condition

• Completion of pulmonary rehabilitation

• Obesity (BMI >30kg/m)

• Diabetes

• Overweight (BMI 25 – 29.9kg/m²)

• Family history of coronary heart disease

• Smoker

• Heart failure

For those who do not meet our eligibility criteria, you may wish to view our FiiT for Life Pathway to a Healthier Life programme






Who can refer?

Patients can be referred through their GP or medical professional, as well as support workers (e.g. social prescriber). Alternatively, patients may wish to contact us directly to discuss the referral process. 

For a complete guide on the referral process, please contact


The FiiT for Life pathway to a healthier life


Taking steps to improve your health can be a daunting task. We understand that putting one foot through the door of a gym can be intimidating. You have just taken your first step. 


The FiiT for Life pathway to a healthier life will help you on your journey to better health and wellness. Our small community programme is set to encourage long-term adherence and long-term change. We want to support you in becoming a little bit fitter, and whole lot healthier. The programme will give you the confidence to continue being more physically active. 


Each sessions costs £6 and will last approximately 60 minutes. Sessions include small group activity/exercise and healthy lifestyle advice. 

For more details, please email


Friends and family


Community is key to long term change. Our vast experience in the health and wellness industry, and research in the field, all points to community being an integral part to healthy behaviour change. We encourage our participants to bring along friends and family to further support their journey. 


If you’d like a friend or family member to come along to your sessions, they can join you for a nominal fee (£6 per session). Please speak to one of our coaches to find out more. 

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