Respiratory Disease & CrossFit (including COVID-19)

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Aim: This course helps CrossFit Affiliates or those working in functional fitness to gain confidence when working with individuals who are living with, undergoing treatment for or recovering from chronic obstructive disorders (COPD). Not only will this course help you to understand how to advise and encourage increased physical activity for those living with COPD you will learn the about the main side effects of different COPD treatments and you can adapt classes to reduce and manage side effects during exercise. The course will help also help Affiliates to design exercise programmes in line with individual treatment plans helping to facilitate recovery, maintain activities of daily life and mental well-being.

Online Course Date: 20/03/2022

Normal Course Fee: £200 Early Booking Fee: £120

Self Guided Study Course Date: Available to Book Now 

(Access from 1st February 2022)

Normal Course Fee: £200 Early Booking Fee: £120

The Respiratory Disease and CrossFit course online include four hours of contact time with our expert tutors. Both courses have access to the pre-course manual and our FiiT for Life learning management system which includes academic resources as well as practical programming considerations and templates.   We also welcome all coaches on our FiiT for Life courses to join our online community where you will have access to our team of specialists to ask for advice, share ideas and help grow your clinical exercise experiences.