Women Health & Functional Fitness

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Aim: This course helps CrossFit Affiliates or those working in functional fitness to gain an understanding of the female body in relation to various life cycles. The course helps coaches understand the effect of the menstrual cycle on performance to ensure programming can be tailored accordingly. The course also covers pre and post natal exercise for safe and appropriate scaling. Lastly we focus on the menopause and the challenges faced by women during this time and how exercise can help alleviate many of the symptoms to help improve quality of life and general well-being.  Not only will this course help you to understand how to advise and encourage increased physical activity for womens during various stages of their life you will learn the about how you can adapt classes/workouts to safely, effectively and appropriately​.

Course Date: Sunday 7th November

Time: 2-6pm (BST)

Normal Course Fee: £200

Early Booking Fee: £90