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Cardiovascular Disease

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Respiratory Disease &
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Mental Health

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Obesity, Diabetes
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Neuromuscular Disease

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Arthritis, Ageing
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Physical Therapist

CrossFit Affiliates are some of the most versatile coaches on the planet. We try and take anyone anywhere and help them to be a better version of themselves. Our mission is to fight chronic disease through physical activity and functional movement, making people “FiiT for Life”. 

The FiiT for life Education programme recognised this passion and wanted to help coaches become more confident in dealing with chronic conditions. Run by 3 academic doctors in the fields of clinical exercise prescription, physical therapy & rehabilitation, and strength & conditioning, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that sits behind the courses we offer. 

In the UK the process to become a Level 4 exercises specialist is lengthy and expensive. Numerous courses and stages which most of us would fly through. We felt it was necessary to deliver a course which helped coaches upskill their experience and knowledge rather than sit in the classroom for hours with newbie trainers. 

The “Chronic Disease and Functional Fitness” course is programme of 8 CPD workshops which can be completed as individual modules or as a block course. The 8 modules cover all major chronic diseases, how you would programme, scale and work with these individuals in a functional fitness environment as well as basic information about the aetiology of the disease, treatments and medication side effects to consider when working with these individuals. 

The aim of the course is to enable coaches to feel confident and assures that what they deliver is safe, appropriate and effective for these population so we can ultimately help them to become fitter, stronger and healthier. Our long terms aim is to get approved as a CrossFit Preferred Course. 

As a registered charity (1193408), FiiT for Life also offers course funding through an affiliate program, allowing members the opportunity to donate to coach education at their box through FiiT for Life online shop “Females in it Together”.